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The Product

Listen to all of your important voice messages anytime and anywhere. The Smart Mug wasn't designed merely for coffee or tea, but also as a way to let you enjoy listening to recordings each morning/evening.

Simply Scan The Mug

Scan it with your phone, and your recordings will appear for you to listen to.

Right by your hand

All your important voices, any time

Just Scan

And There they are

Password Protected

No Time Limit

Add more voices

Edit your voices

Special Features

● Password protected

Keep your recordings, playlists, or messages secure with password protection. Make these experiences exclusive to only you and people you have shared password access with.

● No time limit

There is no time limit on the viArtify Smart mug customization capabilities. You have the total freedom to add, remove, and change the features.

● Add more voices

Choose to add more voices whenever you like to your dashboard where the QR code connects to. These can be added when you want to hear a new message of inspiration, for example.

● Edit your voices

The voices you have added to the Smart Mug can be edited from the viArtify dashboard.

● Total customization flexibility

Whether it's a music playlist, voice recording of a message, or even a link to a gallery collection of photos, you have total customization flexibility with your Smart Mug.

It's Not just an

With our design team's help, you can design your very own custom Smart Mug for a personalized experience. We will beautifully illustrate your uploaded photo, creating a unique and exclusive keepsake to cherish for many years to come.

Step One

The first step involves sketching your image to create an outline.

Step Two

Next, we add some color for style and illustration. This gives it an eye-catching and friendly appearance.

Step Three

Finalize The Layout

And Just Like That...

You have your very own personalized Smart Mug with your unique illustration, ready to sync with your viArtify dashboard and prepared playlist/recordings! Who doesn't love a custom mug with their name on it? Best of all, it's a mug worth keeping because the QR code is unique to your experience.

Who are we?

"We Artify the world! With viArtify, you can cherish any memory of yours. Whether it's a voice of a friend, a digital painted portrait of your loved one, or a goal to be heard. You can even create your own playlists and share your musical experience. All of this can be done with our special products that we designed just for you."


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